Looking back through the glass door

There is only so much you could do to make a difference your life and living at any point. The rest is left to fate/god/faith/unknown?

Perhaps, there are a few things that you are given and conditions that you are born with to which you cannot make changes easily. For example, the people you are born with, where you went to school and whom you grew up with. 10 years later when you look back, you realize how these constant conditions actually shaped where you are today. The desire to choose the kind of life you want is developed many years later in life depending on the things you are exposed to and people you meet. This is the point you look back and think what are the things that led me to this day that I am in.

Its funny that there are most times a few significant events, decisions that shaped your life to this point and most times those events can be predominantly influenced by your environment and people you are with. So, when that situation is really not what and how you would want it, it is easy to blame those constant conditions/limitations that would define your life.

Who decides on how you would live and where you need to be?

I have never with all my heart believed in idol worship and prayers to change/give you what you really want. There is no clear distinction of what is right and wrong and its purely relative. Then may be its your karma and deeds that decides your constant conditions? It is open ended and at this point I just want to pursue this thought until my experiences lead me to the right answer.


Author: Sripriya Padmanabhan

If I had to choose between a roller coaster ride and a fancy dinner night, I would be screaming at the top of my voice in the ride and look out for the camera to give a big smile. I think i have to have a job and earn money so that I can travel, meet new people, see new things and write more n more. Given a choice I would just have fun tonite but I live in a world where I need to be doing more than just that.

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