My first ever 5 mile run

Even yesterday I wondered if am I doing the right thing by committing myself to a half-marathon? Its 13.1 miles and I haven’t even run 4 miles yet. I was just not sure yet.

 Saturday morning was just beautiful, I felt warm and nice in the sunlight coming down through the kitchen window and decided to go run in John Mclaren park. That run just was not happening for me. The roads were hilly, the winds were blowing as fast as it could get and the park was so quiet with no runners around. This was probably not the best place to run. That evening I was really questioning if I was a runner? Is this really something I surely want to do? But one thing I knew was I am going for the 5 mile run tomorrow.

It was a cold morning when I left home. I was really nervous about running 5 miles. I have never done this before bout I definitely wanted to try. The ASHA team started from Marina Blvd after a quick warm-up and stretching. I started slow and preserved my energy in the beginning. I knew I am going to need a lot of it. As I progressed towards end of mile and began my 2nd mile, I felt good my legs were strong, i dint feel out of breath or drained and to top it all it was just brilliant weather. I knew I could do this but at my own pace. Even though i was not running with other runners alongside I subconsciously felt that I was a part of a team and need to finish. I dint stop, infact I dint need to. At the end of 2 miles, I met the friendly ASHA volunteer who was so nice to spend her sunday morning cheering the runners and giving us water half way. I took about a minutes break after 2.5 miles but started soon after.

After about 3 miles when i felt tired, I tried to deviate my mind. I connected to my body, I started to feel my legs and gain a rythm with it. I paced down when my legs were tired so that they could regain the rythm, it was amazing. After 4 miles I felt i needed to stop but I could see my destination. Now I told my mind, not to stop until i reached the end. I was able to connect my mind and body to listen to me and I guess that was something I never have experienced in running before.

I finished strong and felt amazing!

Few things that i did right, stretching and warm up before running and hydrating myself with lots of water the day before running. It really worked this time!


Author: Sripriya Padmanabhan

If I had to choose between a roller coaster ride and a fancy dinner night, I would be screaming at the top of my voice in the ride and look out for the camera to give a big smile. I think i have to have a job and earn money so that I can travel, meet new people, see new things and write more n more. Given a choice I would just have fun tonite but I live in a world where I need to be doing more than just that.

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