The mad monkey mind


Desire to have and the need for fulfilment drives this greedy monkey mind. Secure, safe and selfish it wants to be and turns the even the sanest person to scream. There is no real reason for the change it needs, even if it meant hurting the ones your heart loves. The mad monkey mind is ruthless and wicked.The poor little heart screams out when you follow the evil mind, doesn’t matter how hard it tries, its  in vain. It wants to break the ritual and kill the damn cycle , but every time it tries its always an after thought.

When I sit back and think, why is there a malignant mind when there is a little heart that you can follow to divine? Then I realize, like how all worldly things are designed to have good and bad so is this human life cursed to see both in itself. If only the heart wins the mind that would be paradise where prayer and thoughtful minds can see the real sunshine.

One thought on “The mad monkey mind

  1. Sathya

    So finally a blog…gud, i really admired d line “The mad monkey mind is ruthless and wicked”..its so very true…it nvr listens…

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