Conrad Beach!

Past 3 months has been a wonderful time in the magnificent city of San Francisco. This city can easily be overwhelming for someone who is moving in new. Even though the city limits are just 7 square miles, the distinct culture and contrasting neighbourhoods are just more than one can imagine and this difference can be vividly seen even within 2 blocks in some areas. The first neighbour hood that I could call home was this pretty pretty place called Glen Park where I found houseful of amazingly distinct people whom I can call housemates, ‘The Conrad Beach’.

Living in Conrad was not just a place to stay, it was an experience. Shopping in co-operative stores, cooking greens that grew in our backyard, Sunday morning farmers market delight and recycling / composting our food waste are just a few things to mention but beyond all that there was deeper sense to life, understanding the purpose of localizing goods, respecting people as they were and most of all music to fill my ears! Living in Conrad were a few fun days that I’ll remember forever.


Author: Sripriya Padmanabhan

If I had to choose between a roller coaster ride and a fancy dinner night, I would be screaming at the top of my voice in the ride and look out for the camera to give a big smile. I think i have to have a job and earn money so that I can travel, meet new people, see new things and write more n more. Given a choice I would just have fun tonite but I live in a world where I need to be doing more than just that.

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