Just Smile

Every face has a story and every smile a reason. Sitting with a coffee on a chilly saturday evening outside a harvest fair in San Francisco I see smiles all around me. Some smile just to wear away the pain inside and others to make themselves feel good. Some smiles are just to make someone else feel good, a few blessed people just wear it as one of their ornaments. No matter the reason or the story a smile just means happy, the priceless expression at zero cost. A stranger on the road smiles for acknowledgement that says happy to see you, a selfless rewarding smile, the smile of meeting loved ones says I am so glad you are here. Some smile to themselves, remembering a person, moment or expression. Irrespective of whats going on in your mind doesnt matter if you have just gone through the worst time most people when stopped for a photograph want to smile. Thats how people want the world to remember them. Happy. The next time you see a stranger on the road who gives you an eye contact, Just Smile because its invaluable.


Author: Sripriya Padmanabhan

If I had to choose between a roller coaster ride and a fancy dinner night, I would be screaming at the top of my voice in the ride and look out for the camera to give a big smile. I think i have to have a job and earn money so that I can travel, meet new people, see new things and write more n more. Given a choice I would just have fun tonite but I live in a world where I need to be doing more than just that.

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