At peace with who you are

Being at peace with knowing who you are. Isn’t that the eternal human quest? The wanderlust mind wants to travel places, meet new people and keep learning and knowing about things that it was unaware of in the past. That is certainly a great way to live and has been accepted and known as the best way to grow your personality. It is true that inspirations created in random places and analogies drawn from weird experiences has created great music, art, books, discoveries etc. Globalization as they call it, enabled humans to be capable of innovations that has redefined the way we live today. It is indeed an achievement.

The more I do all these things which have been identified as ways to creativity, learning & doing new things that I of course enjoy, the more i see myself being firmly rooted to my past and longing for things that i probably did not value when i had complete access to it. This could just be a case of me personally being driven by simple things that i had access to early in life.

But it makes me wonder if that is what drives every human being? It makes me think if personalities are in reality defined and carved very early in life but the process of coming to terms who you really are as a person drives us to do things that are beyond who we think we are. The need to be someone else, our friends, parents, role models or the person who is socially accepted sometimes or  most times drives us being the person who we think we are.

I am not sure where i am going with this, but I am starting to see a lot of me that is in need of things I had in the past and makes me wonder if that is what we all wandering to get?


Author: Sripriya Padmanabhan

If I had to choose between a roller coaster ride and a fancy dinner night, I would be screaming at the top of my voice in the ride and look out for the camera to give a big smile. I think i have to have a job and earn money so that I can travel, meet new people, see new things and write more n more. Given a choice I would just have fun tonite but I live in a world where I need to be doing more than just that.

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